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Manifesto de Randy Gage ou como gerar uma lista de milhares de nomes

So , here u are ?? want to understand the concepts I talk about on Facebook , aha ....

Ok , so just in case you did not remember all details of my post, here is what we are talking about :

f you are like me , you probabily sign for everything that Randy Gage and other gurus say , doesn't you ??

So you probaily received the 'Manifesto'. Wheter there are some interesting stuff on that ( most of them absolutely no big news ) ,
you must realy understand what was behind the Manifesto :

A huge lead generation project .... I am not saying these is BAD , neither that's good .....I just want you to understand ,
how Randy Gage have used these to great a HUGE rolodex of leads.

Why ?? Again , I will not discuss wheter these is ethical or not , but off course it was genious ( like most stuff he do ),
but the most important point is it there are some concepts on there that are duplicable , and you shoud use it in your business
( if you are not doing yet ... )

If you sign the Manifesto , you probabily receiving a lot of Randy's sugestions on books , e-couses , etc ....and also a
link to the new capture page for her new training .

So here is what he did :

  • He put a nice capture page and invite people to sign up.
  • After you sign up , he invite you to pass the email to your list , so her get even more leads
  • Then it's start to send you affiliate add's & advertising for her trainings and so for all the thousands of lead he just generate

Quite smart isn't it ??so here are some concepts that you can learn from here :

  1. Use blocks and facebook to send people to a capture page
  2. have a capture page where you give some FREE info , that have some value for the reader , and then capture your email
  3. Send info you promissed
  4. Use the database to sell some stuff that can be interesting to your audience , BUT , here is the catch , you MUST keep giving value for the people in your list , so they will be interested in keep receiving your messages

Easy ,aaahhhaa ....and it can be very lucrative also ...so as they say in nike , JUST DO IT

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